Genevieve Payne, MFT

Psychotherapy for Children and Adults

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Therapy for Children

As a child therapist, and a parent myself, I understand how hard it can be to watch your child struggle through common life transitions and difficult times. It can be especially challenging and scary if a traumatic incident has happened and you are looking for a way to help your child get back to their old self.

Genevieve Payne, MFT Genevieve Payne, MFT Genevieve Payne, MFT

Play Therapy for Children

Through my training and experience I have learned that play therapy is the most effective way to work with children, since play is the primary way in which children communicate their strengths and challenges. By observing the nuances of their play and participating directly, I help children develop insight and awareness, as well as problem solve, about what is troubling them.

I also practice EMDR therapy for kids who have experienced traumatic circumstances. For more information about how EMDR can help heal trauma, please click here.

I am always impressed by the resilience and strength that children show me as they work through various issues.

Therapy could help if your child:

  • Seems anxious, sad, depressed, scared or angry
  • Has experienced a major life transition such as a death, divorce/separation, birth of a sibling
  • Has a sudden change in behavior and doesn’t seem like his/herself
  • Struggles at school including trouble focusing, difficulty developing friendships, and/or behavioral challenges
  • Has experienced a traumatic event such as an accident, verbal/physical/emotional abuse, or traumatic loss including separation from a primary caregiver